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About Jesus Church

Jesus Church believes in Sharing the Gospel through Love, Great Love! Small things with great Love will Change the World!


Here at JesusChurch, we believe in Jesus.

Jesus is God the Father’s eternal Son. He came to reveal God’s character, demonstrate God’s love and restore God’s kingdom. He died on the cross bearing our sin. He arose from the dead offering forgiveness and eternal life to all who believe in Him. He pours out His Spirit to empower His followers to spread His word and continue His works. He is the Lord of life and the Lord of our lives. He will return to judge everyone who has ever lived. And He is inviting you to trust in Him. Can we help you make this important step?

For a more complete expression of our faith, see the Statement of Faith of the Vineyard Community of Churches.


  1. CELEBRATE - God loves you
  2. PASSION - All in for Jesus
  3. COMMUNITY - Don’t do life alone
  4. COMPASSION - Do small things with great love
  5. SPIRIT-LED - To hear is to obey
  6. KINGDOM COME - Jesus is here so anything can happen
  7. NEXT GENERATION - Pass the baton

For a more complete expression of values, see JesusChurch Values.

our affiliation

JesusChurch is part of the Vineyard family of churches. Here's a wonderful video of why we love being part of the Vineyard.

The Distinctives of the Vineyard

Eleanor Mumford - The Distinctives of the Vineyard - Vineyard Global Conference (2015)

  1. The Main and the Plain
  2. People of the Scriptures
  3. People of the Kingdom
  4. People of the Spirit
  5. Worshippers of God
  6. Rescuers of Men/Women
  7. "Everyone Gets to Play"

John and Eleanor Mumford led the Vineyard in the UK and Ireland for 20 years. Now they are global Vineyard ambassadors.