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Does your Heart Ache?

Judas and Peter had the best:

  • Teacher

  • Pastor

  • Leader

  • Friend

  • Wise Counselor

And they still failed!

The difference was in the attitude of their hearts after they failed. We all fail sometimes. But are we like Saul who was sorry about what he did but was just afraid of the consequences instead of being repentant (I Samuel 15:24-30), or are we like David, whose heart ached for having failed his God. (See Psalm 51).

Judas agonized over betraying Jesus and tried to give the money back, but in the end he didn’t trust in Jesus’ forgiveness and end up taking his own life (Matthew 27:3-5).

Peter betrayed Jesus not once, but three times. His actions in the days following Jesus’ death and resurrection show what was in his heart.  So much so that Jesus himself restored him in John 21:15-18.

Are we more concerned about the consequences of our sin than our love for the Lord? Even if we don’t escape the consequences of our sin, will we still love the Lord with all our mind, heart and soul? As for me, I will join in with the saints that have gone before me by repenting and throwing myself at His mercy and saying, “Though you slay me, I will praise you”.