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But God!

I am reading a book entitled "The Presence, Power and Heart of God" by Randy Fisk.  A sentence struck me "You come to appreciate Him, His love, His gospel like never before when you so intimately see God at work."

I have kept pages of notebook paper that David wrote/scribbled things on during his last weekend alive, on the ventilator at St Joseph's Hospital. For those of you who don't know, David spent nearly 2 weeks on a ventilator after aspirating during a surgical procedure. After said aspiration, David suffered cardiac arrest and was gone for several minutes before being resuscitated him. The doctors were very skeptical that he would have any normal amount of brain function or even be able to breath on his own again. Yes, all this on top of fighting cancer.

After a long two weeks he had recovered enough to want to see family and friends the weekend the intubation was going to be attempted. Now this was a man who days before was in a drug induced coma, non communicative, and we didn't know if there was any fair amount of brain activity returning or not.

BUT God had other plans for David, He wanted David to be able to see and communicate with his friends and family. He wanted David to show people his amazing faith even while facing death. He wanted David to minister to us!  The Lord allowed David to write notes to people, give them little nuggets/messages if you will, about times shared together, or things happening in life. Still on the ventilator, David entertained visitor after visitor that weekend and smiled, hugged, and encouraged everyone that came that he was ok, that he still trusted in God's plan no matter how those plans ended.   He scribbled furiously these messages on a clipboard filled with paper, looking intently in each recipient's eyes. During this 48 hour period he told Ashley and I of seeing angels in his room and of feeling God's protective presence. It was undoubtedly the most amazing movement of God I have ever personally witnessed. David wasn't supposed to be alive according to the doctors, let alone have normal brain function and any ability to write.... But GOD had other plans.

Ultimately the ventilator was pulled and David did breathe on his own for a short period of time. He was transported home via ambulance late on a Sunday evening and he passed away Monday evening, just about 24 hours after leaving the hospital. His condition deteriorated rapidly on the ambulance ride home and at times I wondered if we would even make it there. But God had allowed him to see, talk to, love on, minister to and receive love from all his friends and family who had supported and accompanied us on this journey.  God's loving character gave all who came in contact with David that weekend a gift that can never be replaced. Those who witnessed the event, believers and non believers, would undoubtedly know that something miraculous had occurred right in their midst.

So yes,  when you see God intimately at work, so specifically tailored for your circumstances,  you can't help but fall in love with Him, His character, His will, His everything!! And it definitely puts a fire in you to work for Him, to serve Him, to partner with Him so that maybe, just maybe, you will get to witness another amazing move of God in someone else's life.  It whets your appetite, moves your gratefulness to overflowing and causes a yearning that can ONLY be fulfilled by Him. Sound cliche'.... maybe....but it happens and it did happen, and I will never forget the miracles and ministry God orchestrated in our lives those two days in October, 2012.