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Meeting Daniel - Part 2

Meeting Daniel-Part 2 - November 26, 2013

Back in June, 2013, a homeless man named Daniel openly shared with me the loving trust he had in God's ability to provide and protect him in the past, present and future. This message came at a time when my daughter, Ashley, and I were struggling with the loss of my husband and her father. We were definitely wrestling with God over His will for our lives and what the rest of our journey here would look like. God crossed my path with Daniel again some five months later and this is what ensued.

Hello all!  Some of you may remember a few months months ago I wrote about an encounter I had at the Brandon Mall food court with a man named Daniel. Well, today I encountered him, and God, again in a big way!

I walked in to make a return to a store and saw Daniel sitting alone in the food court with his suitcase and plastic garbage bags gathered around him.   I immediately started talking to God about what I was supposed to do, should I go talk to him again, what did all this mean?  I continued on into the mall and completed my return, came back to the food court, went up to him, extended my hand and said Hello, Daniel! Do you remember me speaking to you a few months ago right here? He said, well, yes....I do remember that. We spoke about God, His word, and His blessings, and wow, I can't believe you remembered my name! I must apologize but I can't remember yours.   We both laughed, I told him that was ok, that my name is Pam, and asked if I could sit with him.  We began a conversation that would last almost an hour. He honestly did most of the talking, telling me more about his life, where he has traveled across the country, and how he moved from place to place by foot, train, or ride from a stranger.  He spoke of shelters he has lived in at various times and people God had placed in his path. During this conversation I could feel my human side kicking in and I began analyzing the conversation, scrutinizing the details, noticing that some things weren't making sense, not "adding up" as we say, and I began to grow a little anxious, doubting a decision I had made minutes earlier.  On my may to make my return I felt strongly that I was to again give Daniel some cash, at least for food,  and on the way back to the food court I had removed what I had in my wallet and and put it in my pocket ready to give it to him. At the onset of my anxiousness, I immediately began praying in my head for direction and overwhelmingly heard, "It's ok if things don't add up, it's not for you to figure out, just listen to him, give him your time, love him."    So that was it, I did just that!  I stopped analyzing, questioning, trying to put the intricate pieces together and make them add up in my head and instead let myself be absorbed in his stories, and even interjected comments when he allowed me, which wasn't all that often.  He was quite the conversationalist and it was becoming very clear that he had needed someone to talk to for quite a while!  I could barely get him to take a breath. He laughed and smiled and I could definitely tell he was enjoying the moment.

At the end of our talk, I took his hands in mine, said a quick prayer with him, told him "May God continue to bless you, Daniel", and then looked in his eyes and told him I loved him.  He looked a little startled and said, "WelI, I love you too!"   I then took the money out of my pocket and gave it to him. He said oh no, you don't have to do this again, and I replied,  I know, but I want to.   Earlier in the conversation while we were talking about life, he told me he needed to try and get himself some food but was waiting until Thanksgiving because everyone needed to have a meal on Thanksgiving and then give God thanks for that food. Simplistic ideas, but pure in nature, straight from his heart. He never asked me for anything, I don't think he ever would. He trusts God for his provision and gives Him all the glory for protection and provision all the years he's been on the streets.

So I said my good byes, went to my car, and sobbed like a baby. What a divine encounter, and though I can't speak for him, I left, yet again, blessed immensely. I had been battling the blues this past week, probably of no surprise to any of you, but I don't like feeling this way. And I say battle for a reason, I feel the enemy has been throwing everything he can my way to make me sad, feel uncertain about my life, feel unaccomplished, you name it.  All those fears that are NOT from our loving God and my mind knows that, but I had been entertaining them anyway. Then God shows up yet again, big time!  My mind just whirls at all the lessons He has shown me through this season of life.   I AM BLESSED! Bottom line, I have suffered a great loss but that does not negate the blessings, it only enhances them and actually allows them to be seen more clearly. God changes your perspective when things are at their roughest, and I've found that when you stay in close contact with Him after the storm, you can see even the smallest thing as a magnificent blessing. It's a beautiful thing!

I feel a huge lesson for me in this is the direct instruction from the Holy Spirit to not analyze Daniel's story, or try to make sure everything adds up.  I had to realize that's just absolutely not my job. My job is to love him as Christ loves us, and to be obedient.  I know many of you reading this may be thinking, wow, she's nuts just opening her wallet again to this guy.  People have told me their feelings in the past since this is not the first time I have been urged by God to give. I humbly tell them that the money is not mine to begin with, it's Gods, and if I definitively feel a directive from Him on how He wants to bless someone with it, then I'm going to be obedient.  However, the giving of the money was definitely not the focus of this lesson or encounter for me,  it was the time spent, the ear to listen, the compassion shared, and the thought that we need to let God be God, let Him worry about and work out all the little details, and ultimately just love one another and be obedient.

So there you have it......Our God is so amazing in the way he weaves the tapestry of our lives together. How can we not TRUST Him, why do we worry??  It's something I am still working on, almost a conscious decision daily to leave the details to Him.  I hope the telling of these encounters with Daniel  blesses and encourages each of you in some small way. Thanks for reading!