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What does it mean to follow the Great Commission of Christ?


What does it mean to follow the Great Commission of Christ?

In western evangelical Christianity it has come to mean making converts.

The late Bill Bright was zealous in his desire that, “none should be lost” and made it his goal to share the Gospel with anyone he came in contact with in order to lead them to pray the prayer of salvation. While this is admirable, to focus on getting people “into heaven” falls short of the Great Comission.

The Great Commission is not a call to make converts; it is a call to make disciples.

Making converts without making disciples is akin to a defense lawyer getting his client off on a plea-bargain. His lawyer does his job and when the client goes before the judge his offense is not held against him. Good-bye and have a great life.

Making disciples means awakening a deep desire to have a relationship with God. It is not positional, it is relational.  Yes, Jesus is our advocate (defense lawyer) and God is our Judge. But discipleship is about more than getting someone declared not-guilty. Through discipleship we introduce people to the person of Jesus and help them experience his overwhelming, tender love.  We help nurture a relationship with Him that leads to a hunger and thirst for more of Him.

Discipleship leads people to divest themselves of everything they hold dear because little by little there is only room for God in their hearts.

The Westminster Catechism  says that, “the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.

To disciple is to water and fertilize the seed of a personal relationship with God that has a passion for Jesus and compassion for all.


Pastor Jay Molina

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