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Revelation About Stewardship

We need to eat daily in order to live, and sometimes because of that, most people don’t think about what they eat as honoring God besides prayer before they eat. This included me. Today I see that honoring God with my entire being means honoring His temple to dwell the best I can. Making healthy food choices and doing the best I can with a workout every week is not about being perfect any longer, trying to fit into a size two, muscles, or anything society today tries to tell us we must emulate to fit in. (Romans 12:2)

Recently I had an eye-opening revelation about stewardship in this area of my life. God put us here build a relationship with Him, to do His work, and help disciple others (Matthew 28:16-20), but what about everything else in life? The truth is being a good steward means everything. It all belongs to Him in order to carry out His work. That includes our bodies. As an eating disorder survivor this is something that has taken me years to put together, and only through the grace of God has he woken me up to this revelation.

I’m encouraging you to embrace this concept with me and to keep your mind, spirit, and bellies open, to allow God to unsettle you if you too have ever struggled in this area or just need encouragement in this area of your life. Remember it’s not about being perfect, but instead being a good steward of your body inside and out to be able to carry out what God may call you to do on a daily basis.


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