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But God!

After a long two weeks he had recovered enough to want to see family and friends the weekend the intubation was going to be attempted. Now this was a man who days before was in a drug induced coma, non communicative, and we didn't know if there was any fair amount of brain activity returning or not.

BUT GOD had other plans for David...

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Living Faith

40 months...... Does that sound like a long time to you or does it seem like a measure of time that passes in an instant? Or in some strange sense could it possibly feel like both to the same person at the same time??? Yep, I think that's the one I will say best fits me. 40 months since my beloved husband was completely healed of a horrible disease called cancer. 

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Are You Too Emotional?

Have you ever watched an epic movie and had your soul stirred by the hero or heroine’s determination to triumph against all odds; or listened to a song or sermon that inspired you, cut straight through to the deepest part of your heart and brought you to tears? Were you embarrassed by your uncharacteristic show of emotion? What if the fact that you connected with that movie, song or sermon on a deep, heart level is the real you—the correct, true and God-created you—and God was using those catalysts to call out to your heart?

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