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Discover JesusChurch

Discover JesusChurch is our newcomers' class. Everyone who is interested in finding out more about JesusChurch is encouraged to join us. If you are ready to be baptized, join us too.

NOTE - Discover JesusChurch is a required class for ALL volunteer positions within the church.

Here are the materials covered in Discover JesusChurch ...

Eleanor Mumford - The Distinctives of the Vineyard - Vineyard Global Conference (2015)

The Distinctives of the Vineyard

  1. The Main and the Plain

  2. People of the Scriptures

  3. People of the Kingdom

  4. People of the Spirit

  5. Worshippers of God

  6. Rescuers of Men/Women

  7. "Everyone Gets to Play"

John and Eleanor Mumford led the Vineyard in the UK and Ireland for 20 years. Now they are global Vineyard ambassadors.