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Growth Track

Growth track


Our mission is to help others find AND follow Jesus. So not only do we want to introduce people to Jesus, we want to inspire them to grow in their faith and walk with Jesus.

Here’s the Growth Track we offer to inspire that growth.

Get Started

Getting Started is a 4 class introduction to Jesus and the church. Those who join this track will be assigned a Growth Coach to walk alongside them and help them process the classes.

All newcomers and active participants are encouraged to work through these 4 classes with a Growth Coach. All volunteer positions require the completion of the 4 classes of Get Started with a Growth Coach. And we ask those who seek to be baptized to take the 4 classes of Get Started with a Growth Coach as well.



How to BELONG to Jesus and His church


How to GROW in your faith and walk with Jesus


How to SERVE others using your gifts


How to SHARE your faith with others



After Getting Started, let’s Grow Deeper. These classes are regularly offered and everyone is encourage to take them all.



A 2 week introduction to the Bible. You'll start to make sense of it all as we explore the following areas: How did we get the Bible? Why is it arranged the way it is? How does it all fit together? You'll gain confidence and build a strong foundation as you learn the Bible's storyline from Genesis to Revelation.


How do I forgive others? How do I get free from sin? How do I overcome the lies in my head? How do I fall forward after I blow it yet again? A Freedom Coach will help you walk through these 4 vital classes.


The main theme of the Bible is the Kingdom of God. This 8 week course dives deep into the theology of the Kingdom and its incredible relevance for our lives.


Using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Freedom, this 9 week course will help you overcome debt and walk in financial peace and freedom.

Power Evangelism

The Vineyard movement began with a book by John Wimber entitled Power Evangelism. Learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit and step out in obedience to His leading. You can learn to live a naturally supernatural life.


Do you feel called to lead a small group or teach children in Sunday school? This course will help you grow in your own faith so you can lead others in the faith.

Go Higher

These elective groups will help you Go Higher in your faith and relationships.



GriefShare is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.

ConQuer Group

The Conquer Group is a bunch of guys who are winning the battle against porn in a new way. They meet weekly to help each other through relevant teaching, honest sharing, encouraging accountability and practical faith.