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Growth Coach Model & Guidelines


1. ASK

For each class there are a set of open ended-questions that lead to significant conversations.


Practice active listening by summarizing back what you have heard the person say, rather than thinking about what you are going to say to the person.


Listen to the Holy Spirit rather than your own knowledge or experience to know what to say and how to proceed.


How do we motivate, activate, and put legs to the things you have discussed?

  • What are the goals?

  • What are the action steps necessary to achieve the goals?

  • How and when will the action steps and goals be completed?


To be effective, coaches need to convey that anything shared with them is confidential and will not be passed on to others unless permission is given.

NOTE: Florida mandates [Statute: 90.505] that confidentiality MUST be broken if there is suspicion of abuse, neglect or abandonment of children as well as abuse, neglect or exploitation of vulnerable adults. If you have any questions or concerns about the law and how to properly report to civil authorities, please contact Pastor Jay Molina at or Pastor Karl House at


In order to gain trust, a coach is encouraged to be transparent by sharing their own stories and struggles, when appropriate and as led by the Holy Spirit.

NOTE: Coaches of minors should take great care to not burden a child with their own stories or struggles. Appropriate stories and struggles may be shared, but if you doubt whether certain information or details are appropriate, please leave them out or obtain permission from the parent or guardian involved.


  • Complete the Growth Coach Training.

  • Submit to a Background Check. (Contact Anita House at about filling out a Volunteer Application form through which you will read JesusChurch’s Child Safety Policy and agree to volunteer under its guidelines, give personal references and grant permission to initiate a national criminal background check.)

  • Take Belong, Grow, Serve & Share (once).

  • Receive the approval of Pastor Jay Molina or Pastor Karl House.

  • Coach 2 people a year.

  • Have a minimum of 4 contacts in a 6 week period with the person being coached. (These contacts could be in person, by phone or video chat, as long as there is sufficient time to ask and discuss all of the coaching questions.)

guidelines for coaching minors

In addition to the Growth Coach Model and Expectations above, especially the notes with Confidentially and Transparency, here are additional guidelines for coaching minors:


If you are coaching a minor, permission must be given by a parent or guardian. Specific terms may be decided upon by the parent or guardian in order to facilitate the necessary contacts.


Parents or guardians and Growth Coaches should discuss and agree upon appropriate meeting places/times/transportation. If and when these plans change unexpectedly, it is the responsibility of both the parents or guardians and Growth Coaches to discuss and agree upon a new plan for that given meeting.

Meet in a public place

The meeting place must be public and agreed upon by the parents or guardians. If the meeting place has doors, make sure those doors are open during the meetings.


Parents or guardians will provide transportation for their minor or youth to and from the meeting location.


The Parent or guardian, Growth Coach and a JesusChurch pastor or staff member will sign a PARENTAL CONSENT FORM FOR THE COACHING OF A MINOR.