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New Here


We're so happy you're here and we're excited to meet you! 

As our name suggests, we’re a church that’s all about Jesus and our mission is to help others find and follow Him. Visit Who We Are for more info about us.

Check us out some Sunday and you'll find that we’re a perfect church for people who aren’t. Please take a look around our website. Listen to a Sermon. Browse our Events.

Questions & Answers

What do people typically wear and JesusChurch? Whatever is comfortable for you! Some people like to dress up and some people like to wear shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt. We don't care what you wear. We're just happy to have you join us!

How long is your worship service? Sunday morning worship is typically an hour and fifteen minutes - sometimes we run a little longer if we're sharing stories or we're just having a good time.

Do you offer childcare? Yes, we offer childcare for children 0-12 years old. Your kids will love our EquipTKids ministry. The teenage youth join us for worship and then meet for Uncharted right after worship. Lunch is provided at Uncharted.

What kind of worship music do you play? We have an awesome worship team! Nathan Drawdy is our talented worship leader who plays the newest hits and Christian classics.

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