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HELP US Build the Kingdom

We are need more help. "The harvest is plenty and the workers are few."  We believe in using the talents God gave us to help the community and the Kingdom of God grow. We are so thankful that JesusChurch is growing, but we are in need of faithful servants! We want our volunteers to help and still be able to regularly attend our church services with their families.

The more volunteers we have the easier this will be. For example, if we have only 4 Nursery volunteers those servants would have to work every other weekend, miss service (which is VERY important to stay encouraged) and potentially get burnt out from serving. BUT if we have ten nursery volunteers, each volunteer would only have to serve once every 5 weeks. Thats so great and that's our goal at JesusChurch. We think everyone should serve, after all thats what Jesus called us to do right? To be servants. 

The best part is there is something for everyone! Help children grow in KingdomKids or nursery, sing praises with our worship team, share a smile as a greeter or help brew coffee for our friends, sign up to be phone prayer support and more. Please fill out our Volunteer Form today, get connected, develop a servant's heart and help us serve God together. 

Please note that those who volunteer to serve in our children's ministry will be asked to submit to a background check. We are committed to keeping JesusChurch safe for both our children and our volunteers.


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**Please note anybody working with children will require a background check.**