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Community Outreach

The second part of our mission is Compassion for All. JesusChurch seeks to share Jesus’ compassion through regular outreaches to our community. It might be offering a free laundry day at a local Laundromat, painting a house, praying for people’s needs or throwing a party at the park. Just simple things that say we care and so does God. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see up-coming outreach events. 

Operation 27


A Questionable Life takes the idea of our outreaches and applies it to our lives at home, school, work and around our neighborhoods. Instead of reaching out as a church, we reach out as individuals wherever God has placed us. It might be cutting a neighbor’s grass or saying "Hi" to a new colleague or simply sharing a smile. It might be buying a friend a coffee or going out to a game together. It’s really about building deeper relationships with people so Jesus’ love can flow through us. As Mother Teresa has said, Do small things done with great love can change the world.


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