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Preschool Training

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.  Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.

-Colossians 3:23-24

Charity is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the world that we take so much from. Charity can be given to your old community, to your old school or even to your old neighborhood. It is also a sign that you have.png



Please watch all name tags for the red dot. This dot indicated that a child may not have the snack of the day either because of allergies or parental choice. This is a very important procedure that must be handled attentively. Don't assume you know the child; always look for the red dot before passing out any snacks. 


If a child has a green dot on their name tag it indicates that it is this child's first time at JesusChurch. Going to any new place is scary for kids. Take a few minutes to introduce them to the other children and spend extra time with them. Ask them lots of questions and keep them engaged. Reassure them that their parents will be coming back soon to pick them up. 

Bathroom Helper

Each Sunday will have a "floating helper"  checking in the PreK area at 10:30 and 11 am.  If any children need bathroom breaks the floater will help with that.

Be Present, Stay Engaged

Kids love interacting with adults and we should love interacting with them! 

Children will associate you with church. So remember each Sunday you are representing Jesus and the Church. Be intentional and serve with genuine love and kindness.

Be Aware

Please be aware of what you are saying around the children, parents and other volunteers. Do not ever talk ill about any child, parent or volunteer.  Do not complain about anything. Stay positive. Little ears hear everything! Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Tiffany Thomas (contact information below).


When children are leaving, make sure their name tag matches the security tag of the adult picking them up. *If a parent comes to pick up a child and does not have the appropriate security tag, please contact Tiffany by radio so she can verify that the child is safe to leave with the adult.*


UNIFORM and Attire

Both lead and assistant caregivers will wear a EquipTKids apron and name badge. When you arrive you will pick-up your apron and name badge from the Kid's Check-in table. Please leave your apron and name badge at the kid's check-in table when you leave. Do not take your apron or your name badge home. Keep in mind you will be working with children and getting down on the floor to interact with them so please dress modestly. Each lead caregiver will receive a walkie talkie radio so they can connect with Tiffany or the floating helper for assistance. 


Please read our Child Safety Policy concerning proper bathroom breaks, diapering and adult child boundaries.

Nursery and Toddler Rooms

Play and interact with children on the floor. Read a story book or color together. It is so important to be present and available for the kids, smiling and staying positive. We always want to be creating an environment of love, encouragement and engagement in our classrooms.

Each room has a table for diaper bags and snacks/bottles/sippy cups from home. Please let parents know as they arrive that they can place any items they may have for their child on that table. They may use our Labels that are available on the table if they do not already have one on their items. Diapers should be checked regularly and soiled diapers should be changed promptly. Only lead caregivers are permitted to change diapers; there is no exception. If the lead caregiver is unable to do so, please ask the floating helper or Tiffany for help. If a parents does not want us to change their child's diaper we will place a purple sticker on their name tag. This stickers are located in the clear bin on the change table. 

Keep all noses wiped and faces clean. Comfort any child who is upset. Never discipline any child. Please watch the "Dealing with challenging behavior" video near the bottom of this page for tips and strategies. If you are having a difficult time with a child, please radio Tiffany for assistance. 


Kids will always be just as engaged as you are. Keep it fun and exciting and this will transfer your enthusiasm to the kids. When you are doing praise and worship, do the moves and sing out load. Follow along with the video lesson and interact with the kids during playtime. Please watch the Pre-K Video at the bottom of the page for an example of the lesson and timeline. 

Preschool rooms are equipped with a "Bible Adventure" children's Bible that are to be given to all new children as a gift from JesusChurch.

Preschool Class ages 3-5
Training Video)

Dealing With Challenging behavior


Tiffany Thomas
Call or Text 813-545-1798

  • *If a parent comes to pick up a child and does not have the appropriate security tag, please contact Tiffany so she can verify that the child is safe to leave with the adult.*
  • If you are having behavioral issues please contact Tiffany for assistance.
  • If you have any safety concerns please contact Tiffany immediately by phone 813-545-1798.
  • For all other questions and concerns please feel to email, call or text Tiffany anytime! 

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