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Shield - Notes


PART 5 - shIELD OF fAITH, sn

Sermon Notes

Point #1: We must be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.

  • In order to wield the shield you must first be strong
  • You must be willing to take a stand in order for the armor to be placed on you

Point #2: Faith in God is what we use to shield ourselves from the Devil's attacks.

  • We can not withstand the attacks of the Devil with faith in our own abilities

Point #3: If you're not living by faith then your faith is dead.

  • Faith is a lifestyle, it is not a one time thing, it is an ongoing commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Point #4: Using your faith strengthens your faith and the faith of others.

  • Stories about God's faithfulness in your life are essential to keep at the forefront of your mind. Examples of times you've trusted God and seen Him pull you through should continue to spur you on through life. 
  • Remind yourself using specific scriptures by placing them around your house
  • Sharing your stories with others will help strengthen their faith. They may not have anyone within their circle of friends and family who has gone through what they're going through at that moment. You will have an awesome opportunity to show them how God worked in your life and remind them of the faithfulness of God.

Point #5: No faith = No life, You're the walking dead. 

  • Some of you are the walking dead right now. You've never decided to follow Christ.
  • Some of you were following Christ but you got shot by an arrow and its still stuck in the side of your neck.
  • JesusChrist has come to redeem you, take hold of His promise and His strength and His power in your life!
Nathan Drawdy