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Sermon Notes

Shield - Questions



Discussion Questions:

  1. How can someone be strong in the Lord's mighty power?
  2. How do we take a righteouss stand for Christ?
  3. How do we rely on our own strength to overcome the attacks of the Devil?
    • How can we change our strategies to rely on the Lord?
    • How do we KNOW that we're relying on the Lord vs ourselves?

Share personal stories where God has shown up in your life and shielded you

Share personal struggles where you currently need to step out in faith

  • How can our small group help you hold up your shield of faith.

Discuss some times where you have stepped out in faith and saw that things didn't work out

  • Pray for and encourage one another to stand firm in the promises that God gives us.

Next Steps:

  1. How are you going to strengthen your faith? 
    • Partner up and get an accountability partner for how you're going to either grow & exercise your faith.
  2. How are you going to help others strengthen theirs?
    • Name some actual individuals you want to come alongside and help them grow
Nathan Drawdy