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The Bible (4) - Questions

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Which Bible translation do you use? Why? Is there a Bible translation you don't care for? Why? (Be sensitive because it might be someone's favorite.)

Which of the following points is a new thought for you? Why?

  1. There is no perfect translation
  2. Translations come and go, but the Bible remains forever (Timeless Word - Temporary Translations)
  3. Every translation has some interpretation

Which step of the translation process do you think would be the most difficult? Why?

  1. You have to know the original language thoroughly
  2. You have to know the new language thoroughly
  3. You need to be true to the original language yet make it speak in the new language

Apply these steps to this phrase from Spanish to English:

¿Como se llama? - How yourself call? - What’s your name?

How did Pastor Karl do with John 3:16?

JOHN 3:16 (KLGT - Karl's Literal Greek Translation)

So for loved God the world his Son his only he gave that everyone who believes in him not perish should but have life everlasting

Would you agree that Wycliffe Bible Translators are modern Christian heroes? See video below ...)

Look over ...

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Be honest - how has a Kid's Bible helped you? Why does Pastor Karl keep recommending Kid's Bibles even to adults?

The Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids

Read ...

Which version do you think did the best job of translating RIGHTEOUS-FIED?

Read ...

Which version do you think best translated HILASMOS? Why might Pastor Karl's "a wrath-satisfying-sacrifice" prove helpful?

Why is it important to keep the wrath of God in the Gospel? Do you find this statement helpful? Do you believe it?

The sacrifice of Jesus satisfies the wrath of God against our sin. We are saved from God’s wrath by God’s love in Jesus!

Read ...

Which translation above do you like the best? How do you feel about some versions translating "brothers" as "brothers and sisters" or "friends" or even "family" as Pastor Karl suggested?

Going back to the last sermon in this series ... In response to John Wycliffe's translation from the Latin Vulgate into old English the church said ...

By this translation, the Scriptures have become vulgar, and they are more available to lay, and even to women who can read, than they were to learned scholars, who have a high intelligence. So the pearl of the gospel is scattered and trodden underfoot by swine.

Here is Wycliffe's amazing reply ...

I defy the Pope and all his laws. If God spare my life, ere many years I will cause a boy who drives the plough to know more of the scriptures than you do. 

How can the proliferation of online Bible study tools help with Wycliffe's vision? Which Bible study tools do you find helpful? Which ones would you like to try? Do you think that these tools are only for pastor-types (aka - The "learned scholars, who have a high intelligence - LOL!)?

Other tools (click image to open) ...

Expanded Bible - Online at Bible Gateway

Expanded Bible - Online at Bible Gateway

ESV Online - Interlinear (English lined up with Greek)

ESV Online - Interlinear (English lined up with Greek)

Lumina - Powerful, FREE, Online Bible Tool

Lumina - Powerful, FREE, Online Bible Tool



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