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Relationships (3) - Questions

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The Motions of Love

By Rodger McFarland

  1. What are the Four Motions of Love?

  2. In what ways has the revelation of God’s love for you changed your life?

  3. What are some of the ways we can show God our love for Him and why is that important to our spiritual growth?

  4. Why are we commanded to love others?

  5. In what ways can our love for another be used by God as an agent of transformation.

  6. Is it enough to just be loved by God alone, or do we need the love of others as well in the process of spiritual transformation?

  7. In understanding the Four Motions of Love, which ones are the most challenging for you? Why?

  8. How might you strengthen your ability to give love?

  9. How might you strengthen your ability to receive love?

  10. Discuss how the Kingdom advances primarily through the channel of relationship.

Rodger McFarland