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Helping Puerto Rico



Here is a list of donations that are needed to support relief efforts. This list will be effective for at least 5 to 6 months. Bring the items to church on Sundays and they will be shipped to our Vineyard Church Partners in Puerto Rico.

  1. Tarps
  2. Dry or canned food
  3. Water filters (Sawyer or Katadyne)
  4. Insect repellent
  5. Work gloves

If you can't bring the donations to JesusChurch, you can send them directly to Puerto Rico. Here is the address:

Iglesia La Viña de Mayaguez
1750 Sector Cuba
Mayaguez, PR  00682


Financial donations are always needed.


Curtis Welch is already in Puerto Rico and they are ready to receive volunteers to help out with relief efforts.

Here’s what you need to know …
The Puerto Rico Partnership will begin receiving individual and team volunteers on Saturday, October 21st, 2017 to help distribute supplies and help the areas around the Vineyard Churches recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. They have the capacity to host up to 30 volunteers at the base camp located al Iglesia La Viña de Mayaguez in the west side of Puerto Rico.
The church address is:
Iglesia La Viña de Mayaguez
1750 Sector Cuba
Mayaguez, PR  00682
We are asking that volunteers come for at least 7 days and schedule their flights in and out of PR on Saturdays whenever possible. If you want to stay longer than 7 days that would be wonderful and we encourage you to do so if you can. We recommend trying to fly in to Aguadilla Airport (BQN). Jetblue and Spirit Airlines are operating out of Aguadilla. Also, if necessary, you can fly into San Juan Airport (SJU). We are trying to limit airport pickups to Saturdays as there is no airport service to the church. Each volunteer is responsible to cover airfare expenses, personally or thru donations.
The Mayaguez Vineyard will house volunteers by providing cots or air mattresses, shower facilities, 3 meals a day (except Sundays), washing machine, dryer and toilet facilities. They will also provide some of the tools and equipment needed for daily team work assignments.
Volunteers will be organized into teams of 3 to 5 members and given daily tasks to perform by the Base Site Manager. Team leaders will check out needed tools and equipment after breakfast and the mandatory morning meeting. Coolers with water, Gatorade and sandwiches along with chips, etc. will also be provided to the team.
After the teams have performed their tasks they will return to the Base Camp and turn in their tools and equipment. They will also turn in distribution sheets for any materials donated to relief recipients (if applicable). Teams should return to the Base Camp no later than 5pm to avoid traveling at night, and to allow team members to shower and get ready for supper.  After supper is private time until lights out @ 9:30pm.
During the initial phase of operation of the Base Camp., teams will be assigned to three general types of assignments:

  1. Food distribution
  2. General property cleaning
  3. Provision and placement of tarps on damaged roofs.

Othersimilar tasks may be assigned based on needs of the surrounding communities.

Volunteers should be prepared to work 5 full workdays a week in the hot and humid conditions currently existing in PR, including torrential daily rains. They need to pack accordingly with short sleeved shirts, shorts, work pants (jeans, etc) with good socks and work boots. If members are not dressed appropriate for their team assignment, the Base Site Manager may not let them go out with the team and be assigned to tasks around the camp.
In addition to appropriate work clothes for the week, volunteers should bring toiletries, towels, flip flops (for around camp), blankets and /or sleeping bag, pillow, personal medicines, and any other personal supplies needed for an extended stay. Sun block and DEET based insect repellent is STRONGLY recommended.
If volunteers chose to do so they can also bring small personal hand tools (hammer, screw drivers, measuring tape, pliers, etc.) Large tools and equipment will be provided and assigned at Base Camp.
If you would like to come as an individual or member of a team of volunteers to Puerto Rico to assist with starting the long and hard recovery facing this incredible island, please contact Curtis Welch at (813) 299-3217 or Marvin Suarez at (787) 410-8462 for further details and to discuss dates for your visit.
Come and join us as we assist and minister to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.
Blessings to you all!
Curtis Welch and Pastor Marvin Suarez


If you have a question, feel free to contact either Pastor Jay at (813) 340-3525 or Pastor Karl at (813) 719-5397.

got a date?

If you have a Saturday in mind that you could GO to Puerto Rico, let us know here and we can see who else can go on that Saturday too.


There's always one more way to help Puerto Rico - maybe the best way to help Puerto Rico - PRAY FOR PUERTO RICO!