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everyone gets to play!

From the little boy who shared his lunch that fed over 5,000 people, to the woman at the well whose story impacted an entire village, to a young girl in first century Palestine who said “Yes” to God and gave birth to Jesus, we know that it’s true: EVERYONE GETS TO PLAY (Rose Swetman in Everyone Gets to Play: Why Every Person Can Participate in God’s Kingdom).

Okay, that's cool, but ...


We want to help everyone get in the game and find a volunteer position. But we don’t want square pegs in round holes. We want to get the right people in the right positions for the right reasons. (Although, sometimes we are just happy to fill volunteer positions and are grateful for those who are willing to do so.) Let the acronym PEG help you find your fit:

  1. PASSION - What gets you fired up? What are you passionate about? Even, what makes you mad?

  2. EXPERIENCE - What have you done in the past that you feel God has really blessed?

  3. GIFTS - What are your natural talents and spiritual gifts?

Here at JesusChurch we have open membership. You decide if you want to be an Active Participant or not. However, when it comes to volunteers and leaders, we train, support and evaluate. Here is what is required to volunteer …


  • Community Outreaches

Everyone gets to play. Open to all.

  • Welcome Team, Set-Up Team, Sound Team, Projection Team, Worship Team, Children’s Team (Helpers under 18), etc.

Discover JesusChurch required. No background check required. For minors helping with childcare an application with references is required. Ministry specific training and orientation provided.

  • Children’s Team (Workers over 18), Security Team, Youth Team, Outreaches Involving Childcare, etc.

Discover JesusChurch, application and background check with references required. Ministry specific training and orientation provided.

  • Staff, Small Group Leaders, Board, Team Leaders, etc.

Discover JesusChurch, Passport, application, background check with references and personal interview required. Ministry specific training and orientation provided.

How do I get started?

When signing in to take the test, under Denomination pick “Assoc. of Vineyard Churches”.

  • When you get your email with your GiftsTest’s results, forward that email to Anita House at

  • Fill out a Find Your Fit volunteer signup form to let us know where you might like to serve in the ministries of JesusChurch.

  • Pray that God opens your heart to how He has wired you and where He is leading you.

  • Let’s get you trying something and evaluate if it’s your ministry sweet spot.

For more help, contact Anita House: