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everyone gets to play!

From the little boy who shared his lunch that fed over 5,000 people, to the woman at the well whose story impacted an entire village, to a young girl in first century Palestine who said “Yes” to God and gave birth to Jesus, we know that it’s true: EVERYONE GETS TO PLAY (Rose Swetman in Everyone Gets to Play: Why Every Person Can Participate in God’s Kingdom).

Okay, that's cool, but ...


We are most effective when we serve according to our unique SHAPE.

S – Spiritual Gifts: How has God supernaturally gifted me?
H – Heart: What am I passionate about?
A – Abilities: What are my natural talents and skills?
P – Personality: Where does my personality best suit me to serve?
E – Experiences: What spiritual experiences, educational, ministry and even painful experiences have I had? 

Using various assessment tools, our Find Your Fit Ministry Team will look at each of these 5 areas so you can begin to discover how you are being designed by Jesus to have maximum impact. By discerning your SHAPE, you will begin to gain a clearer understanding of what you’ve been designed for, how you can serve Jesus and others, and make a real difference with your life.

How do I get started?

When signing in to take the test, under Denomination pick “Assoc. of Vineyard Churches”.

  • When you get your email with your GiftsTest’s results, forward that email to Anita House at
  • Fill out a Find Your Fit volunteer signup form to let us know where you might like to serve in the ministries of JesusChurch.
  • Pray that God opens your heart to how He has wired you and where He is leading you.
  • Let’s get you trying something and evaluate if it’s your ministry sweet spot.

For more help, contact our Find Your Fit Ministry Team: