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Week 2 - DJC

Week 2

Think of one word that would describe what brought or is bringing you to Jesus. Share that word and a sentence or two explanation.


Why does JesusChurch exist? Our purpose is to help people Live a Questionable Life like Jesus did. 


If we are called to Live a Questionable Life like Jesus, what does that look like? If we are to be citizens of a different Kingdom, how are we to live? Here are seven priorities for a follower of Jesus. These seven also serve as the core values of our JesusChurch. 

  1. Celebrate the Father’s Love

  2. Be Passionate for Jesus

  3. Commit to Community

  4. Have Compassion for All

  5. Be Dependent on the Spirit

  6. Be Dedicated to the Kingdom

  7. Disciple the Next Generation

Or once again …

  1. Celebrate - God loves you

  2. Passion - All in for Jesus

  3. Community - Don’t do life alone

  4. Compassion - Do small things with great love

  5. Spirit-Led - To hear is to obey

  6. Kingdom Come - Jesus is here so anything can happen

  7. Next Generation - Pass the baton


Keeping seven priorities in mind is a lot. So we have boiled Living a Questionable Life down to one simple prayer:

Jesus, what would you have me BE, DO or SAY right now?

Try praying this throughout your day, pause a moment and act on the thoughts and nudges you receive. You will find yourself living a questionable life and people may ask you why you are the way you are. When they do, don’t answer, “I’m just trying to be a nice person.” That’s a cop out. Say, “I’m following Jesus and I think that’s how He would live.” That should lead to further questions.


Reflection: What kind of character did Jesus display? What kind of things did Jesus do? What kind of things did Jesus say? Why is the order of BE, DO and SAY important?

Challenge: Install the Soul Revolution App and take the 60:60 Challenge. Every 60 minutes for 60 days you will get an alert and notification. (Make sure you allow notifications when installing the app.) The notification will have a Bible passage and either a prayer or activity suggestion. Read the passage, pray the prayer or do the activity AND pray …

Jesus, what would you have me BE, DO or SAY right now?


Here at JesusChurch we like to say “Everyone gets to play.” We want to help everyone get in the game and find a volunteer position. But we don’t want square pegs in round holes. We want to get the right people in the right positions for the right reasons. (Although, sometimes we are just happy to fill volunteer positions and are grateful for those who are willing to do so.) Let the acronym PEG help you find your fit:

  1. PASSION - What gets you fired up? What do you feel called to do?
  2. EXPERIENCE - What have you done in the past that you feel God has really blessed?
  3. GIFTS - What are your natural talents and spiritual gifts?

Discussion: What are your top 2 spiritual gifts? Any surprises? Any questions?

Here at JesusChurch we have open membership. You decide if you want to be an Active Participant or not. However, when it comes to volunteers and leaders, we train, support and evaluate. Here is what is required to volunteer …

Volunteering at JesusChurch

  • Community Outreaches

Everyone gets to play. Open to all.

  • Welcome Team, Set-Up Team, Sound Team, Projection Team, Worship Team, Children’s Team (Helpers under 18), etc.

Discover JesusChurch required. No background check required. For minors helping with childcare an application with references is required. Ministry specific training and orientation provided.

  • Children’s Team (Workers over 18), Security Team, Youth Team, Outreaches Involving Childcare, etc.

Discover JesusChurch, application and background check with references required. Ministry specific training and orientation provided.

  • Staff, Small Group Leaders, Board, Team Leaders, etc.

Discover JesusChurch, Passport, application, background check with references and personal interview required. Ministry specific training and orientation provided.

Exercise: Fill out and hand in Find Your Fit. What are volunteering for?

Take-Home: Volunteer Opportunities Outside of JesusChurch


Here at JesusChurch, we believe in Jesus. Jesus is God the Father’s eternal Son. He came to reveal God’s character, demonstrate God’s love and restore God’s kingdom. He died on the cross bearing our sin. He arose from the dead offering forgiveness and eternal life to all who believe in Him. He pours out His Spirit to empower His followers to spread His word and continue His works. He is the Lord of life and the Lord of our lives. He will return to judge everyone who has ever lived. And He is inviting you to trust in Him. Can we help you make this important step?

For our complete expression of our faith see Vineyard Statement of Faith.

Reflection: Why do we focus on Jesus? How did we come up with the name JesusChurch?


JesusChurch is affiliated with the VineyardUSA. 

Eleanor Mumford - The Distinctives of the Vineyard - Vineyard Global Conference (2015)

Reflection: What struck you from Eleanor’s take on the Vineyard?

Reflection: Did you have any questions from the Other Distinctives?


What are the responsibilities of an Active Participant at JesusChurch?

  1. Come (Sundays for Worship) - Come early!
  2. Grow (Devotions - Try YouVersion app’s Essential 100 reading plan)
  3. Connect (Join a Group - Small, Support, Men’s, Women’s or Youth)
  4. Volunteer  
  5. Tithe  
  6. Invite 
  7. Welcome   
  8. Represent - Live a Questionable Life


  • If you’re ready to be baptized, talk to Pastor Karl. 
  • If you’re ready to become an Active Participant at JesusChurch, let Pastor Karl know. 

If you previously participated in another church, is there someone there that you need to talk to so you can make a clean start here at JesusChurch? How can we help you with this transition?

Passport is a 10-week guide to the Kingdom of God. This is a great group for those who are new to the faith and new to JesusChurch. We also ask all key leaders and teachers in JesusChurch to take Passport. The cost of the book is $10. If finances are an issue, scholarships are available.

  • Take Discover the Kingdom - The Storyline of the Kingdom from Genesis to Revelation